Bots (or chat bots) are the new sales rep. They can help your customers by answering questions on a variety of topics from where to find good restaurants, booking movie tickets, or how to use your service. Using artificial intelligence, chat bots can help your customers in much the same way a human can. Another advantage is that they can function independently or as part of messaging apps like Slack and Facebook Messenger.

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What can Chatbots do for your Business?

Regardless of Your Business Problems, We have a Feasible Solution

Improve Customer Engagement

Chat Bots offer customers a convenient way to get the information they need, thereby encouraging better customer engagement with brands

Ease of Access

Chat Bots make it easy for customers to reach you since you are on their chat applications. No need to download a new app.

Boost your Sales

Brands that use chat bots are able to gain new insights due to better customer engagement, resulting in better sales

Which Bots we can customize for you?

We can customize a wide range of bots to suit your needs

Facebook Messenger Bots

With over 2 billion people on Facebook, we can help customize your Messenger Bots to serve a lot of your customers while improving the reach of your business on mobile.

Slack Bot Customization

Slack is one of the biggest communication tools amongst organizations. We can help customize your Slack Bot to serve your clients in the way you want them to be served.

Custom Bot Development

We can also develop chat bots from scratch specifically for you. You only need to tell us what you want and how you want it. We will make it happen.

E- Commerce

  • Chat bots are very useful in e-commerce helping brands to relate more quickly and directly with their customers on numerous messaging platforms.
  • Chat bots can provide good advice and directions for customers who are buying products and services online.
  • E-commerce chat bots can also help guide a potential customer into making a purchase by making product recommendations based on their intentions.
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Hospitality and Travel

  • Chatbots can help hotels in time management, Guest Services and cost reduction.
  • Chat bots can help staff with repetitive and mundane tasks like answering frequently asked questions so that they can focus more on critical and more rewarding tasks.
  • Chatbots are often more cost effective and faster than human counterparts.
  • The fact that chat bots can be programmed to communicate in different languages means that more customers can be attended to. Hence, more profitability potential.

Call Centers

  • Chatbots can handle more issues per time than a human agent. Besides that, a chat bot can be made to run 24/7 ensuring that there is seamless interaction with customers.
  • Chat bots are efficient at generating leads by collecting customer information before handing it over to an agent.
  • A combination of human agent and chat bots has been known to yield good results since the bot can escalate issues it cannot resolve to the human agent.
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Chat Healthcare


  • Medical chat bots can help patients receive quick and effective medical advice remotely without the inconvenience of booking an appointment with a doctor.
  • Medical chat bots can be programmed to handle patients’ admission and discharge, order medical equipment for patients, renew prescriptions and schedule medical appointments.
  • Health Bots allows patients to ask questions anytime and receive immediate responses from the doctors free of cost.
  • Chat bots are also much better for patient engagement than Standalone apps.


  • Chat bots are efficient at handling inventory and supply chain of manufacturing companies.
  • Employees can ask chat bots to provide full details of their inventory before restocking it and generate purchase orders for required items.
  • Manufacturing bots can also send notifications as to when shipments arrive. It can also be used to initiate production of certain goods if directed to.
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  • Finance Bots can be used by customers at their convenience to manage multiple accounts, instantly check their bank balance, and manage their expenses.
  • Payments and other transactions can be automated directly using a chat bot without necessarily downloading any app.
  • Chatbots can help customers by serving as Financial Advisor, Expense Saving Bot, Banking Bot, Tax Bot and in whichever way customers want to be served.

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